To receive a loan, most often we need appropriate documents, and among them certificates of income. However, this is not always the case. We also have a choice of special loans for proof, which do not require additional documentation. What’s more, we can often take them as loans without BIK – this means that even if we had problems with repayment of debts in the past, it will not affect the decision of the lender.

Borrowing money is not a safe business. Although the majority of borrowers regularly pay off their liabilities, there are always those who do not pay their debts for various reasons. In this situation, the lender usually pays special penalties, the debt goes to debt collection, and then even to the bailiff. 

The BIK stores data on all persons taking loans and credits. If we pay our liabilities on time, our history at BIK is positive. Otherwise, it is negative and we may have difficulty using new loans and credits.

Where to get a loan without BIK?

Where to get a loan without BIK?

Loans, which do not take into account data in BIK, are mainly provided by non-banking companies, i.e. so-called parabanks. Unfortunately, banks do not provide loans without BIK, therefore, we will not receive support from them in case of earlier financial problems.

We can choose different loans without BIK – the most popular are payday loans, but we can also opt for installment loans. Short-time loans are loans granted as quick financial support – they usually amount to 200-3000 PLN and are payable within 15-30 days, sometimes 60 days. In turn, the loan installments already apply higher amounts and we can take them for a few years.

A loan without BIK – for whom?

A loan without BIK - for whom?

Most often loans and payday loans without BIK are selected by people who can not count on bank loans. Debt repayment problems in the past relate, contrary to appearances, to many of us. Therefore, the only solution is to use non-bank offers.

However, we should remember that non-bank loans granted without checking the BIK database are more expensive. In this way, the company neutralizes the risk of non-payment of the liability by the client, who is more likely not to settle his debt than the client with a positive credit history.

Where to get a good loan without BIK?

Where to get a good loan without BIK?

Therefore, when we would like to borrow money without BIK, it is worth getting acquainted with various offers to find out where you can count on the most attractive offers. At present, we can get loans without BIK both stationary as well as via the Internet – all you need to do is apply online and go through the process of identity verification.

Loans without BIK are also secured loans, for example real estate or movables such as jewelry, watches, electronic equipment. In this case, however, we risk losing the subject of the pledge if we do not repay the obligation.

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