There are nowadays a large number of payday loans, offered by a large number of financial institutions or banks. It has been confining for 30 years that it is in the market offering them.

These are loans for those who want to go on vacation, take a trip, organize a wedding or birthday party for 15, make renovations at home, buy appliances or electronics equipment, among others.

In order to obtain a loan from such entity it is necessary to carry out a procedure that takes a few minutes and that allows us to access a maximum of $ 50,000.

After having worked for many years and gain experience, they have decided to work with the “Scoring” system that allows loans to be granted in a simpler and more effective way.

This system works by calculating the probability of delivering a type of loan to a specific client, with a defined purpose and term. In order to determine this probability, he first makes a study of some conditions that the interested party presents, such as: his salary, credit history, age, seniority, and others.

Therefore, to successfully face this system it is necessary to provide all the necessary information, as accurately as possible to avoid problems.

Details of Credifina payday loans:

Details of Credifina personal loans:

The financial institution allows its customers to pay the first installment after the first 30 days. This with the objective that the user can solve their difficulties, will receive the money immediately and, without adding additional requirements, will pay the first installment the following month.

Credifina offers a large number of products

Credifina offers a large number of products

  • Loans that have up to 24 fixed installments, in pesos.
  • There is the option to make deferred payment
  • The amount to be obtained will depend on the analysis carried out by the “Scoring” system, with a maximum of $ 50,000

The minimum requirements to obtain a loan:

The minimum requirements to obtain a loan:

  • The interested party should go to the nearest branch. Confine with your ID
  • An invoice for a service that is up to date, be it gas, water or electricity. That way you can prove the address

For those who work in a dependency relationship:

For those who work in a dependency relationship:

  • They must present the last salary bonus
  • Proof of registration to the AFIP and the last two total payments. (Or a provisional order)

Once the loan has been obtained, the client will be able to pay their installments very easily: by paying them at the nearest branch, at Commercial Tonymoly or at any express Collection.

The people who work doing tasks of attention to the public are professional Advisors that will be in charge of analyzing each case in particular, offering the most adapted options to each case.

There are a lot of entities that offer these payday loans in Argentina, it is interesting to be able to compare them before hiring. A bank with a great variety of payday loans is Nationer Bank:

  • payday loans in cash
  • Free Destination Nation
  • Salary Nation
  • Nation for public employees
  • Loans for specific destinations
  • payday loans for retirees and pensioners


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