A beautiful smile can cost a lot. Unfortunately, most modern dental procedures will not be performed at NFZ. This also applies to the implantation of dental implants. What are the advantages of such surgery and how much does it cost?

If the tooth is damaged or corrupted, it can often be recovered by proper restoration and treatment, for example root canal treatment, crown or sternum application. Sometimes, however, the tooth requires complete removal. In this case, however, the patient does not have to use standard prosthetic restorations – he may choose a dental implant.

A dental implant is called a special implant placed in the bone, which acts as a tooth root. On it, a porcelain crown is placed next to it. As a result, an implant with a crown has the same function as a healthy tooth.

The advantages of dental implants:

The advantages of dental implants:

• they are very comfortable for the patient

• they are permanently mounted, therefore they are also durable

• they do not require special care as removable dentures – we wash them like other teeth

• they are inexpensive to last even for several dozen years

• they are aesthetic and perfectly match the look of natural teeth

• enable normal chewing and chewing of food

Therefore, dental implants are a great alternative for removable dentures, as well as for bridges that require proper grinding of the surrounding teeth. What’s more, implants can be used to make larger restorations, for example, you can attach several porcelain teeth to them, creating a bridge without the need to restrain it with surrounding natural teeth.

How much do dental implants cost?

How much do dental implants cost?

Unfortunately, we have to pay quite a lot for dental implants. We are able to perform such a procedure only privately in dental surgeries specializing in this field.

For an implant, i.e. an element implanted in bone, we will pay from 2,000 to 3,000 PLN – for one piece. For this cost, we must also add a porcelain element mounted on the implant – here the price can also be from about 2,000 zlotys and up. Therefore, for one implant, we will often have to pay from 4,000 zlotys and up, depending on which system and materials were used.

It is not difficult to calculate that the performance of several implants will involve the need to spend from several to tens of thousands of zlotys in a dental office. Where to get money for it?

Tooth implant loan

Tooth implant loan

If you do not want to postpone the surgery, the solution will be a quick loan for a tooth implant. We can take it in a bank, a non-banking company, or we can check if the surgery does not offer us the possibility of a surgery with an installment payment.

It is worth calculating where we will be able to receive the best loan for us. When we can not afford to pay a rather high installment, in this case it is best to extend the term of the loan – the more installments, the cost of a single one will be lower.

If you need quick money for a dental implant, check out our offer now at Polski. Our internet installment loan allows you to easily and quickly obtain money for any purpose. Submit your application now!

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