Are there any loans without security? Is it possible to borrow money without proof of repayment ability? Yes, there are such possibilities. They can be found earmarked and interest-free or at the upper end of market prices. In addition, for a loan, security does not necessarily have to be of a material nature. Nobody has to mortgage a property, just to be creditworthy. Which possibilities are there, more in the contribution.

Loans without security – earmarked loans

Loans without security - earmarked loans

In different areas of life, loans without security are possible as social compensation. The success story of these loans already begins within the framework of the school career. BAföG is one of the best-known loans, in which neither the personal credit rating nor collateral play a role. Further examples would be, as part of the training, the education loan and the master loan. Common to these publicly funded loans is the earmarking in the context of education and training.

The loan for the rent deposit is another example of credit options that should support financially weak families. Resin IV recipients, to whom the Office instructs a move, will be reimbursed the removal costs and at the same time be entitled to an interest-free security deposit. The loan for pensioners, whose income is no longer sufficient to buy the essential household appliances, is another example. He is forgiven by charitable organizations and the church. He is interest-free and very flexible in the repayment modalities.

Pay by credit only with the good name

Pay by credit only with the good name

Loans without security can also come from credit card companies. Especially with old contracts, the creditworthiness is only very rarely re-examined. The usual credit card frame remains, provided the bills are still paid on time, always received. If you do not overdo it, you can pay in spite of Harz 4 with a real credit card. In a precarious situation, the repayment can be converted into a installment loan, but with equal interest.

It also works without old credit card contracts. A specialist provider really offers the credit card with a limit of 1,000 euros without collateral or labor income. Horses on this real credit card, not pre-paid, are the fees. Both the overdraft interest and the annual fees are well above the normal price level.

Special providers and personal loans – both without collateral

Special providers and personal loans - both without collateral

About credit brokers can be a loan without private credit bureau and find no collateral. Lenders can be foreign banks and specialized domestic providers. However, before applying for such a loan, there should always be a full credit comparison of opportunities. The risk premiums and costs for the loan brokerage are already making the offers more expensive. In addition, not all credit costs are automatically included in the APR.

Loans without security from private can be the cheaper alternative. They are mainly transmitted via two large internet platforms. If you really can not give any collateral, otherwise you have always paid well, you have the best chance of getting credit at fair interest.

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