A small loan without private credit bureau can be a good way to quickly get a loan, for example, to bridge financial bottlenecks or finance important purchases. Even if a borrower has had payment problems in the past and is therefore listed on the private credit bureau with a negative entry, this does not necessarily mean that he is currently not creditworthy. private credit bureau plays a big role in many banks, but there are also numerous providers who specialize in the granting of loans without information from private credit bureau.

In the following guidebook, you will find out which requirements customers have to fulfill in order to obtain a loan without a private credit bureau examination and what distinguishes reputable providers of fraudsters.

There is a private credit bureau entry: how private individuals can still get a loan

If a loan is requested from German banks, they check the private credit bureau score of the applicant in order to assess their creditworthiness. If payment problems arose in the past, this is recorded in the private credit bureau and most of the time no credit is granted.

With many credit intermediaries on the Internet, it is not only possible to obtain a loan without private credit bureau entry. Even with negative private credit bureau a loan can be granted under certain circumstances. Banks from Switzerland or Liechtenstein, for example, do not rely on the list of private credit bureau, but assess the creditworthiness of their borrowers according to other criteria.

In order to obtain a loan without a private credit bureau exam, customers must therefore prove that they can repay it. Depending on the provider, a regular income or other collateral must be available for this purpose. With an open-ended employment contract and correspondingly regular cash receipts in their account, employees therefore in most cases have no problem obtaining a loan without examining private credit bureau. For self-employed and other groups without reliable income, however, it will be difficult. Nevertheless, these can also hope for a loan with some providers. However, there should be some collateral, because without a good repayment plan, a loan can be too risky for the client.

What requirements do applicants have to meet in order to obtain a loan without private credit bureau settlement?

For most credit providers, permanent employment is required to qualify for a loan without private credit bureau and creditworthiness. In this case, the lender can assume that the customer can repay the loan despite negative private credit bureau entries, as he regularly receives money. Under certain circumstances, a pension notice can be recognized as evidence of solvency, since here too it is ensured that the account of the customer monthly reliably received money.

Self-employed loans are only offered by some loan companies. It also checks whether the lender can count on the client having enough income during the term to settle the installments.

Trainees, students and the unemployed, on the other hand, find it particularly difficult to obtain a loan. This already applies to a loan without private credit bureau entry at a bank. If a negative private credit bureau rating is added then a loan can usually only be granted in exceptional cases. Since there is no reliable income, these groups of people must provide other collateral so that they receive money from a provider. This may, for example, be a guarantor or property in the form of a real estate or similar. However, customers without a regular income should think carefully in advance whether it makes sense to apply for a loan. If it comes to problems with the repayment, this would lead to a clear aggravation of the situation and probably also to further private credit bureau entries.

Different variants of private credit bureaufreien loans: amount, terms and conditions

 A loan without private credit bureau is not offered by German banks, as these basically conduct a private credit bureau query when a loan is applied for. In order to obtain a loan without private credit bureau and credit rating, customers must therefore resort to other providers. The most common options are listed below:

Credit at a bank abroad:

The private credit bureau is in a German directory. Therefore, banks from other countries usually do not rely on the data stored in the private credit bureau, so that even customers with a bad private credit bureau score here can get a loan, if they meet the basic requirements of this bank. Loans for German customers are often offered by banks from Switzerland or Liechtenstein. In order to obtain a loan, customers must prove with bank statements and usually with a contract of employment that they can repay them. If the money is needed very quickly, many banks also offer so-called lightning loans. Here, the required documents are checked online, so that the application can be processed and approved within one day.

Peer-to-Peer Credit:

Individuals can create money online by financing loans for loan seekers. They then benefit from repaying the loan on the interest and can thus usually generate a much higher return than would be the case with conventional investments. For the borrower, this form of loan has the advantage that they also have a chance of a small loan without private credit bureau, if this was rejected by the banks, since in peer-to-peer credit, the bank does not decide who gets a loan. Here, investors can view the client’s request anonymously and invest, if they are convinced that it is worth supporting this applicant and he can repay the money. Reputable portals usually carry out a preliminary review of the loan applications and check the submitted documents.

Credit intermediaries:

A loan does not necessarily have to be requested directly from the bank. Credit intermediaries specialize in bringing customers and lenders together and completing the necessary formalities easily. Especially with loans from foreign banks, it is often advisable to use a credit intermediary, because this provides all the forms available and is a reliable contact for questions or problems. Most brokers incur no additional costs as they receive their commission from the lending bank.

Dubious offers: This is what credit seekers have to pay attention to when choosing a provider

Especially when fast money is needed, many credit seekers do not adequately check providers for their integrity if they promise to approve a loan. This make fraudsters to Use and frequently collect unreasonable fees or arrange loans at inflated prices.

Potential customers should therefore obtain extensive information about the credit provider before entering into a binding contract or making payments to a provider. Our comparison without private credit bureau comparison helps to differentiate reputable companies from fraudsters. In general it can be said that trustworthy providers do not collect any fees even without a credit and credit rating before the loan amount has been paid out. If there is a request for paid advice or if the customer should make a transfer to the provider so that the application is processed, it should therefore be refrained from looking for another provider.

Fees: You will have to reckon with these costs for a short loan without private credit bureau

Just as with a regular loan without a private credit bureau entry, the providers of private credit bureau-free loans also earn interest on the interest which the customers have to pay in addition to the repayment of the loan. For some portals, there is an additional commission for the loan brokerage, which is usually deducted from the loan when it is paid out. For a short loan without private credit bureau, a slightly higher interest rate must be expected than for a loan without a private credit bureau entry, as banks compensate for the increased risk of default. Fees for processing the application, the registration on a portal or a consultation by the provider, however, are dubious.

Credit without private credit bureau comparison: Find and use the best offer

If you would like to apply for a small loan without private credit bureau, you will find a large selection of different providers on the Internet. This is an advantage for the customers as they can choose the loan company with the best conditions. In order to make it easier for borrowers to search and distinguish reputable providers from fraudsters, we have put together numerous reviews in which we list the advantages and disadvantages of the individual companies and present the conditions clearly. Even if the time rushes and a loan is needed as soon as possible, the customers should compare in detail, since here, in part, a lot of money can be saved.

Effective financial planning: Easily pay back the short loan without private credit bureau

Before concluding a loan agreement, it is important to deal with the repayment of the loan. To bridge a financial emergency, a loan without a private credit bureau check is only useful if it is ensured that it can also be repaid. Otherwise, the financial problems of the loan would increase and there could be more private credit bureau entries.

With a well thought out financial plan, borrowers can avoid such a scenario. If, on the other hand, there is no regular receipt of money and the expenditure exceeds the income on a permanent basis, a short credit without private credit bureau should be avoided. Although this would ensure short-term liquidity, it would lead to ever- higher levels of debt in the long term.

If, contrary to expectation, there are problems with the repayment of a loan, perhaps because of an unforeseen change in the personal situation, it is advisable to consult the lending bank as soon as possible. Often, the rates can be adjusted so that a repayment is still possible.

Summary: Even with negative private credit bureau there are good chances to get a loan

Also, customers who are registered with the private credit bureau with a negative entry, can get a loan in many cases. While a regular loan from a bank in Germany, a private credit bureau query, many companies also offer loans in which the private credit bureau plays no role. These loans are usually slightly more expensive than a traditional loan, as the providers carry an increased risk that it comes to defaults on repayment. In order to obtain such a loan, customers must prove that they are in all likelihood able to repay. With a regular income, it is usually not a problem to get a loan without a private credit bureau exam. The corresponding proof can also be provided online with an instant loan, so that the application can be processed and approved without delay. Thus, the money can be made available in urgent cases after one to two days.

The repayment should plan the borrower well in advance, so as not to get into even worse financial distress. If payment problems nevertheless occur, the lending bank should be contacted early to avoid further problems and an additional private credit bureau entry.

Our credit comparison helps to find a cheap and reputable provider that meets the individual needs of the borrower. Looking for a loan without private credit bureau, customers should make absolutely sure that no upfront fees are charged and they are reliable lenders with good reputation.

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