The festive time is a period of big opportunities and great discounts. Imagine the situation that when spending time in your favorite shopping mall, you see your dream object. Next to it is a huge banner with the word “sale”. How to pass by indifferently? Well, it can not be! We understand that perfectly.

That is why today, together, we will consider how to raise funds for a dream purchase, which is slightly above our financial capabilities. What to do to fulfill your dreams and control your expenses on the occasion? We have a plan for it, check it out yourself!

Limitations – that is, what you need to know before deciding on the type of loan

Limitations - that is, what you need to know before deciding on the type of loan

Most often the amount of the credit card limit is related to our credit history as well as the time when you belong to the bank. Mostly, people who already have a certain account in a selected bank, get more profitable card conditions, from people who just want to join this bank. What’s more, when deciding to develop this card, the length of the contract should be taken into account. Typically, making a decision about this type of loan involves a two-year contract period, which is quite binding and in some cases unprofitable.

A cash loan can be obtained much easier. In addition, the amounts offered are higher. Within a few minutes, without a lot of paperwork, you will be able to receive a large loan with proportionately favorable terms. What more could you want?

Shopping temptations – will you be able to control them?

Shopping temptations - will you be able to control them?

If you are considering setting up a credit card, take into account your character traits and analyze your ability to control your own expenses. We all know how difficult it can be! Having a credit card makes it easier for us to allocate more money, but you should be careful and the fact that using these funds is nothing else than an interest-bearing loan. The shopping temptation is very large and it is often hard to win. If you know that you will be able to control it, this is an option for you.

However, if you are not sure if you can do it, think about taking a one – off cash loan. In this way, you will get funds for your dream goal and you will not have more opportunities for such a spontaneous purchase as the one with the credit card. If you want to take another loan, you will have to go to the right point, and then probably your emotions and the strong need to buy will pass.

What documents do I need to be able to apply for a loan?

What documents do I need to be able to apply for a loan?

Formalities completed while applying for a credit card are inevitable. A loan granted by a bank requires the presentation of a certificate of employment, bank statements, income certificate and several other documents. Therefore, people with permanent employment and long seniority are much more likely. What about people who are unemployed or work on a contract other than a job? It is harder – there is nothing to cheat.

In the case of a cash loan is much easier. The necessary formalities are much less, and the decision to grant a loan can be taken even in a few minutes. What’s more, you can apply for this type of loan via the Internet. For comparison – in most banks offering credit cards, the option of establishing it without a visit to the facility is not an option. This is a big hurdle for people who are in a hurry. As you know, a visit to the bank involves many hours spent in the queue to the window. We are already shivering at the thought, and you?

When considering whether to set up a credit card or apply for a cash loan, you need to consider some important aspects. Above all, such a decision should not be taken lightly and under the influence of emotions. Consult a financial advisor or someone from the family. Unreasonable actions can cause stressful situations in the future, but none of us like it. It is always worth carefully analyzing the available offers of the institutions that grant loans and choose the best one. You will be surprised because the differences can be colossal.

If you are looking for a perfect loan, then we also have very good news for you. What do you say about a loan granted on very favorable and clear terms? One that will free you from thinking about unexpected costs? Created in accordance with Scandinavian standards?

Such loans are the Antery SA offer. See how easy, easy and light it is to borrow from us, go to and fill out a non-binding form to see how low our loan costs are!

We hope that our entry will solve your doubts and help you make the right decision on the way to your dreams. We keep our fingers crossed!

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