A credit card or a cash loan? What is better?

The festive time is a period of big opportunities and great discounts. Imagine the situation that when spending time in your favorite shopping mall, you see your dream object. Next to it is a huge banner with the word “sale”. How to pass by indifferently? Well, it can not be! We understand that perfectly. That […]

Tooth implant loan

A beautiful smile can cost a lot. Unfortunately, most modern dental procedures will not be performed at NFZ. This also applies to the implantation of dental implants. What are the advantages of such surgery and how much does it cost? If the tooth is damaged or corrupted, it can often be recovered by proper restoration […]

Loan despite compulsory auction

Foreclosure is one of the things in life that nobody wants. If the car, the house or other valuables auctioned for financial reasons, then the consumers concerned have arrived at the end of a long road. A foreclosure sale is only possible when all other means and ways have really been exhausted to serve the […]

Loans and agile solutions for Christmas: 3 ideas for gifts

Christmas is an opportunity to realize the dreams of those closest to us. Small and large gifts can be real surprises that can make this time of year unforgettable. The thirteenth salaries and pensions are not always enough to meet the ordinary and extraordinary expenses of the parties. However, the solution could be in small […]

Loans without security

Are there any loans without security? Is it possible to borrow money without proof of repayment ability? Yes, there are such possibilities. They can be found earmarked and interest-free or at the upper end of market prices. In addition, for a loan, security does not necessarily have to be of a material nature. Nobody has […]

What is a loan for evidence without BIK?

To receive a loan, most often we need appropriate documents, and among them certificates of income. However, this is not always the case. We also have a choice of special loans for proof, which do not require additional documentation. What’s more, we can often take them as loans without BIK – this means that even […]

What characteristics do the Payday Loans offered?

  There are nowadays a large number of payday loans, offered by a large number of financial institutions or banks. It has been confining for 30 years that it is in the market offering them. These are loans for those who want to go on vacation, take a trip, organize a wedding or birthday party […]